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what we did in school today - erm, at least what we did in the four classes we have together - The Headquarters of Us, Inc. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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what we did in school today - erm, at least what we did in the four classes we have together [Oct. 14th, 2005|03:24 pm]


[mood |blahblah]

I hope your reenactment went well, and since you did the same thing for me when I was out, I'll return the favour.

In Spanish, we received another A practicar! packet and did some work with conjugating stem-changing and irregular verbs. The exam is pushed back to Tuesday - hurrah! Class was boring, as usual, but I suppose that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Mr. Heppe gave his spiel on the American Revolution dressed up as a British grenadier - I must say, those redcoats are quite nifty XD - and McLaughlin was rather mum throughout the entire affair. He talked about Brown Bess muskets (I know you like those) and ranted about the historical inaccuracy of The Patriot. Chapter 7 IDs, as you know, are due on Monday.

Mrs. Brandt finished up electrochem today (it's a bit scary) and checked the first section of homework. The second section is due...Tuesday, I believe, but it might be Wednesday. In any case, it's rather far away! We'll be finishing up the lab on Monday.

And in English, the Theme Reader apparently blew out her knee and was thus unable to be in class today. Ling handed back the themes - and, congrats, you were one of the perfect scores! - and assigned the next one. You know, I really thought that we had finished with Beowulf after that frickin' project, but apparently not. *headdesk* So, with absolutely no fanfare, I can announce that theme #4 revolves around writing an extended analogy based on a character from Beowulf or an element of Anglo-Saxon society. I know you're excited, aren't you? You can pick up the prompt sheet on Monday, on which we also have that happy-fun vocab exam. Hurrah.

I think I covered everything. :)

Signing off, V.M. Bell

[User Picture]From: virginia_bell
2005-10-18 02:23 am (UTC)
Let's see...today? We did rather pointless review for the Spanish test tomorrow - just conjugating verbs and all. We received a few lessons in AP US as well as a reading about the Constitution to be done by tomorrow. Pointless discussion in class, after which I went off to fail my bio exam. ;) Finished the lab in AP Chem, and I remind you that the second set of Chp. 20 problems are due tomorrow (they're hard! D:). Hmm, que mas? Vocab exam in English, but I need to make that up as well.

Glad to see you're back! Motrin doesn't work for me, though. :/
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