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Here is my fun list (though it's not exactly accurate):

Postal Service
Death Cab - Plans
The Shins
Franz Ferdinand? I'm really not sure, but it has been recommended for me by so many people.
More Decemberists

. . . as well as all the other stuff you have. What is with this sudden change from classical to indie/alternative/electronic/very weird things?

What are your thoughts on REM?

And, could you try to download "Spooky" and "Can't Take It In" by Imogen Heap? They're from soundtracks, and iTunes won't let me buy them separately.
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the syntax of things.

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I officially take back everything negative I have ever said about Bach. Because Tiffany gave me a CD of his violin sonatas and partitas, and they are just brilliant.

Just wanted to tell you that. :D

Signing off, V.M. Bell
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the syntax of things.


Stuff that I have been coveting, as of late:

  • A Fever You Can't Sweat Out, Panic! At the Disco
  • Pretty Little Head, Nellie McKay (note: I can't find it on Amazon D:)
  • You Forgot It in People, Broken Social Scene
  • Let It Die, Feist
  • The Best Little Secrets Are Kept, Louis XIV

I know there's more, but I'm too lazy to go upstairs and get my list. *fails*

Signing off, V.M. Bell
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Okay . . . a nice long list of money-related things here:

Memoirs of a Geisha soundtrack: $5 each
Gift Card for Sarah: $10 each
Gift Card for Priya: $10 each

Knowing that your [Malin's] Christmas gifts are on their way: Priceless
the syntax of things.

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Hope that you've gotten your voice back at this point. :) And thank you so much for all that music.

Spanish: We received un libro de lecturas. *headdesk* We covered demonstrative adjectives and pronouns in class and were assigned grammar exercises on comparisons and superlatives (la historia es más interesante que espanol con la profesora Stewart!). Also did some work with vocab in a packet she gave us. Remember to ask for that when you get back or she'll throw a hissy fit.

AP US: Continued lecture on the Constitution, specifically all twenty-seven amendments. Luckily, you can find those anywhere. Nothing new assigned, the exams is still scheduled for this upcoming Tuesday.

AP CHEM: You missed Mole Day! Otherwise, we began a lab with the volt meter and voltaic cells - 'twas easy, and you should have no problem making that up. She also checked our electrolysis homework. Also exam on Tuesday. *shudders*

Maj. Brit. Writers: Ms. Ling handed back the vocab exams, which she had to curve six points. On Thursday, we did an in-class worksheet on "Seafarer," but I don't think you'll have to make that up. She also gave us all a lovely worksheet on metaphors that is due on Monday. Chapters 2-6 of A Tale of Two Cities (of which Paris is clearly the superior *g*) and reading notes - not necessarily a journal, just notes - are due on Wednesday, and the day before we have yet another exam, this one on the parts of speech.

I believed I covered everything. Hugs for the other half and I hope you're feeling better! *squish*

Signing off, V.M. Bell
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the syntax of things.

what we did in school today - erm, at least what we did in the four classes we have together

I hope your reenactment went well, and since you did the same thing for me when I was out, I'll return the favour.

In Spanish, we received another A practicar! packet and did some work with conjugating stem-changing and irregular verbs. The exam is pushed back to Tuesday - hurrah! Class was boring, as usual, but I suppose that's nothing out of the ordinary.

Mr. Heppe gave his spiel on the American Revolution dressed up as a British grenadier - I must say, those redcoats are quite nifty XD - and McLaughlin was rather mum throughout the entire affair. He talked about Brown Bess muskets (I know you like those) and ranted about the historical inaccuracy of The Patriot. Chapter 7 IDs, as you know, are due on Monday.

Mrs. Brandt finished up electrochem today (it's a bit scary) and checked the first section of homework. The second section is due...Tuesday, I believe, but it might be Wednesday. In any case, it's rather far away! We'll be finishing up the lab on Monday.

And in English, the Theme Reader apparently blew out her knee and was thus unable to be in class today. Ling handed back the themes - and, congrats, you were one of the perfect scores! - and assigned the next one. You know, I really thought that we had finished with Beowulf after that frickin' project, but apparently not. *headdesk* So, with absolutely no fanfare, I can announce that theme #4 revolves around writing an extended analogy based on a character from Beowulf or an element of Anglo-Saxon society. I know you're excited, aren't you? You can pick up the prompt sheet on Monday, on which we also have that happy-fun vocab exam. Hurrah.

I think I covered everything. :)

Signing off, V.M. Bell
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Hmm . . .

Good news:

AP US test is on Friday, not Thurs.! I think Karen wants to get a few people together after school Weds. and Thurs. in the library to study.
Stewart has a soccer ball squish! Otherwise, you just missed telling the world of "el chico de sus suenos."

Bad news:

English theme 2 is due on 9/28 (RC), final on 9/30.
Chem pre-lab and set-up are due tomorrow, though I was a tad confused with the goings-on in class today (I've been spacey more than usual lately). I'm almost positive that we're starting the lab tomorrow, not Thurs., which is a lab day.

Amusing quote(s) of the day:

Bill Gao: Was Bacon's name Thomas?
Mrs. McLaughlin: Nathanial! I think you're thinking of Thomas' English Muffins with bacon.

Mrs. McLaughlin: If a boy cries, maybe I'll move the test to Friday instead of Wednesday.
Louis Choi: I'll cry for extra credit.
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Oh, Wonderful Monday

Hmmm . . . today we (shock and horror) lectured (or were lectured to) in AP US, followed by a fun day in Chem. You missed the party poppers and all the calculations to go along with them. Trust Mrs. Brandt to find the chemistry in party poppers - she's great. It was nothing new, though. Just limiting reagents.

In English, we finished reviewing Anglo-Saxon England, got our vocab books (there's a test on the 27th on Unit 1 - remind me to tell you the complications of vocab tests this year), and I left for the Penn visit after that. They got rid of the US history major - there goes all point in applying.

In Spanish, we got our tests back. Thereafter, it was all bull as we regurgitated everything from the latest reading in the book.

In case you don't know:

Chem pre-lab and set-up on phosphorus and plant food (pg 73 in manual) due Thurs
AP US test Thurs. (though I'm sure you know of that one)
P&G pgs 1-53 due Weds. (and that was excellent)
To repeat - Vocab test Unit 1 on the 27th

Amusing quote of the day:

Beth Ann: What does this look like to you?
Me: It looks like trash.
Beth Ann: It's my culture box project.
Me: Oops.

Off to dance!
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